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Helping you regain your strength and independence.

When you are injured or suffering from a certain medical condition, there might be a need for you to undergo therapy to recover your previous strength or restore your motor skills. Amaris Home Health Care Agency provides Physical and Occupational Therapy.

caregiver assisting elderly man using exercise bikeOur team of Physical and Occupational therapists is trained in modern and advanced treatment techniques to help prevent complications from your medical condition and improve your strength and motor skills. The team will asses the kind of injury or condition you have and create a care plan accordingly.

Here are the services included:

  • Restoring motor functions
  • Improving mobility & strength
  • Aiding ambulation
  • Positioning & transfers
  • Controlling pain
  • Balancing & gait
  • Increasing ADL functions
  • Promoting fitness

If you have any inquiries regarding this services, please contact us.